Simca, danas jako rijetko viđen automobil

Simca iz 1973. godine pojavila se na facebook oglasniku Butiga u Hrvatskoj. Prodaje ju osoba FB imena Igor Kundih iz Krapine koji kaže da je auto od prvog vlasnika. Za sada nemamo kontakt broj. 
The name SIMCA stands for Société industrielle de Méchanique et Carrosserie Automobile. Established by Henri-Théodore Pigozzi in November 1934, the company was formed with the intention of building Fiats for the French market. Production would take place at the former Donnet-Zédel factory at Nanterre. Pigozzi actually had a long association with Fiat; in 1922, he had met Giovanni Agnelli, and from this came a lucrative business in returning scrap cars to Turin for recycling. Following this, Pigozzi became responsible for a Fiat distribution chain in France called SAFAF (Société Anonyme Français des Automobiles FIAT), and this was followed by a medium-sized assembly operation based at a plant in Suresnes (on the edge of Paris) which used components imported or built under licence in Paris. From 1928 to 1934, approximately 30,000 of these French FIATs were assembled and sold by Pigozzi.

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